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Not only is Lynka a leading distributor, offering the leading promotional apparel brands – we offer them all with full service decoration. The days of distributors sending empty boxes of clothing are waning. Europe’s promotional agencies demand more, and no one is better at providing a full service solution than Lynka, who has been delivering quality products and world class decoration for 20 years.


6 Ways Lynka can help you grow your business



1. Big Stocks


Lynka is one of Europe’s leading distributors of promotional apparel. We stock and supply most of the leading brands including B&C, Russell, Fruit of the Loom, Gildan, Hanes, Stedman, Result, Kariban, Stormtech, Regatta, and more.


2. Truly class, award-winning printing and embroidery


If you want to see something really amazing, take a close look at Lynka’s screen printing or embroidery. There are only a handful of companies in the world who can reproduce a full color image on textiles anywhere nearly as well as Lynka. Our printing and embroidery have won over 40 awards around the world including USA, Germany, Spain and the UK, more awards than any other European decorator.


That fact can help you win new clients. If you want to WOW your prospective client then show him one of Lynka’s “award winning prints” and the order is as good as yours. Lynka decoration turns ordinary promotional apparel into a work of art.


3. Promotional apparel with decoration - express service!


Thanks to our high stocks of the most popular items and substantial 3-shift production capacity, we now offer our clients express service – decorated garments in 7 days delivered to most countries! So the next time your client calls with an “impossible deadline” give Lynka a call. (link A Case Study in Speed)


4. One Stop Shop...We save you time


You and your team should be concentrating on winning new business and not micro-managing orders. Lynka offers the convenience of one-stop-shop full service solution. We are a distributor and a decorator – we have the products you need in stock, and we can print or embroider them in our own factory.  If you want to increase your sales, spend more time with your clients – leave the rest to us!


5. Amazing Prices...We save your money


These days, many clients are looking for savings. As one of the largest wholesalers of promotionalapparel in Europe, Lynka has extremely competitive prices. Moreover, with a modern decoration center based in Kraków, Lynka has a competitive cost base that translates into big savings for you. No one can beat Lynka’s value-for-money combination. If your clients demand high quality and competitive pricing, then Lynka could be the perfect solution for you.


6. Customization and creative solutions


Our flexible customer service team will help you find the right solution for your client. Need custom labels sewn in? Garments individually packed as presents? Individual names embroidered on the garments? and more. Whatever it is, Lynka can do it.




A Case Study in SPEED. 15,000 T-shirts in 24 hours


On a Sunday afternoon a few months back, a rising EU football team won a critical match. The management was so pleased that they decided to reward the 15,000 fans with a free T-shirt – 3 days later at Wednesday evening’s match!

The Promotional Agency who took the order on Monday called a dozen suppliers, but no one could make this “unreasonable” deadline. Then they called Lynka.


Lynka said “no problem.” With 100s of thousands of blank shirts in stock, and printing capacity of 40,000 shirts per day, Lynka simply asked for the design, and got to work. An emergency third shift was added on Monday night, and by Tuesday afternoon the shirts were done and loaded on a special truck and sent to the stadium. On Wednesday, the shirts were given out to ecstatic fans and on Thursday morning,  Lynka’s shirts were on the front page of the local city newspaper – a perfect promotion.



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