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Ordering decorated clothing and accessories online – created especially for promotional agencies and users of promotional merchandise – allows you to do your own price quotes 24 hours a day, as well as check stock levels so you’ll know that your products will be available on time. You can also create your own Digital Virtual Sample on line, using our Technologo Tool, so you can see how your design will look on our products. As an added value, we have provided a wealth of information about promotional merchandise on the site as a valuable resource for you.  Once you start using it, the new Lynka website will surely become one of your best friends in the industry!


To make a purchase or do a ''price quote'' through our online store and to see special reseller prices as well as stock availability, please login or click here to receive a login name and password. Once you registered, you can take full advantage of all the features of our website and make purchases of your favorite products from our wide range.


Ordering our products online is quick, easy and convenient. We’ll walk you through the ordering process in 6 easy steps below. Click on each step to view detailed explanation.



Step 1 of 6       Pick Colors & Quantities

First of all, decide what kind of product you want using our "Search Tool" or go straight to the specific product (i.e. B&C Exact 150 T-shirt) and click on the photo.


Now, select a color by clicking on the appropriate color swatch or select from the dropdown list.


Fill in the ''Order Quantity'' box by entering the amount of product with the specific size. For a price quote, you can enter "Total" number of items without sizes. However for actual order, you must enter quantities for specific sizes.


Check the stock availability of the product in the interest of your color and size. Or click on the "Stock Availability all Colors" button and check availability of all sizes and colors of the model.


Add this color by clicking ''Add to list below'', now you can choose other colors of this product, if you so desire.


Step 2 of 6       Verify & Add to Cart

You can still modify quantities and colors in table below.


Go back to Step 1/6 and add more products from this model,


► Change the quantity of the product or delete pre-selected amount of product, 


Step 3 of 6       Add your Design / Project

To add your logo to the selected product, click the ''Add Decoration'' button. To find out more about our product decorating click here,


If you don't want to order decoration on your products just click the blue button ''Add to cart (no decoration)''.

Click the ''Add New Project'' button if you are going to make a new project, or choose from your project list if you already ordered this project,


? What is a PROJECT One or more images/logos that make up one order. A ''Project'' may include several designs on different locations of the product chosen.


? What is a DESIGN An image or logo that goes in one specific location.


Fill out the information needed to create your PROJECT:


• Name your project by filling out the " Project Name" box. Give your project a logical name that helps you identify it later, e.g. "Summer Picnic 2013 T-shirts".


Folder name: You can store this project in My Design Library in a newly created folder or an existing folder. For example, you might want to create a new folder for each client or specific event.


• If you would like to receive the sample of your decorated design, please tick the boxes either ''Send physical sample (€50,00 + product cost)'' or ''E-mail me a digital sample (free of charge)'' or tick both boxes,


• Add Packing options (included in price quote):

You may choose beetwen: 1 pc. per polybag (standard packing at no extra cost for T-shirts, polos and other lightweight garments) and printers' fold (10 pcs folded into 1 polybag (no extra charge).


• Add Other services (not included in price quote) such as relabeling, stickers on polybag, custom printed polybag, cardboard insert, packing in individual envelope or giftbox. If you would like to find out more about our additional services click here.


• Now, upload your design. You can add a new design by clicking on the blue button ''Add new design'' or you can choose already existing design from My Design Library by clicking on the blue button ''Load existing design'':


If you would like to order a new design, you will be asked to fill out the information needed to create the DESIGN:


• Pick the placement - Choose where you would like this design decorated on this item (i.e. front left chest),


• Specify the size of your design. Give us the approximate height and width (cm) that this design should be decorated. Please be informed that size may vary slightly depending on technical limitations,


• Choose the decoration method: either screen print or embroidery,


• Pick the number of colors of your design, (if a photographic image, you can choose ''full color''),


• Select color name and pantone - if you know specific pantone numbers, please choose below. If you are not sure what color and pantone you should choose for design please click ''Please select best color from graphics file provided'' and we will match it for you,


• Add Special Printing Techniques such as High Density (3D) or Gel, if you so desire.


Now Upload your design (max 50MB),


•  Fill in the ''Comment'' box if you have any special instructions, additional requests about this Order, or other information to provide to our Customer Service department,


• Add next decoration side by clicking ''Add Design'' button, if you would like to add another design to your Project.



• Click "No, save and close" button, if you do not want to add more designs.


Now you can Change, Delete or Add to cart - your project:



If you would like to modify your Project, click the "Change Project'' button and right after this click below the "Edit My Project" button. You will return to the cart where you can change the parameters of the Project,


If you would like to delete your Project just click the "Delete Project'' button,


If you do not wish to make any changes in your Order just simply click the "Add to Cart with my Project'' button and you will be taken to the "My Shopping Cart'' panel,


Step 4 of 6       Check your Order

Here you can see a summary of your Order along with the prices for the goods, costs of decoration, films, screens and transport. You can still modify your Order, add decoration to the selected products, change the decoration or even add more products to this Order.


Click the "Edit" button to add more products to this Project, 


Click the "Change" button to modify decoration of this Project,


Click blue button "Add more products to my cart" if you are going to order more products from our offer,



If you are not going to make more changes to your Order, you can go to the next step.

Step 5 of 6       Verify your Address

Verify that your address information is correct,


Click on the appropriate "Edit" button and make the necessary changes:


Click the "Edit'' button next to ''Shipping address'' and  supply us with the address of where you want your order shipped,


Click the "Edit'' button next to ''Invoice data'' and  supply us your billing information,


Click the "Edit'' button next to ''Invoice mail delivery'' and  supply us with the address of where you want your invoice shipped,


Fill in the ''Comment'' box if you have any special instructions, additional requests about this Order, and other information to provide to our Customer Service department,


Delivery Terms: Normal order realization and delivery term for printed orders are 7-21 days depending on stock availability, delivery location and product capacity.


► Fill in "Delivery date required" box if you have an event or a specific deadline in which you need your products,


Delivery date is date required at your premises.


Fill in ''Your reference or P.O.#'' - your Purchase Order number or other internal reference,


Double-check all your address information, and change if needed,


See our Terms of Cooperation by clicking on the link, where you will learn more about orders, payments and insurance policy, goods and finishing, packing, transport, claims, copyright, liability and art guidelines,


► And tick the '' I accept Lynka Terms & Conditions'' box - this is a required field,


If you are not going to make more changes to your Order - click the "Proceed to final approval" button to proceed with your checkout process,


If you would like to make a price quote without sending us your Order just click the "Add to My Price Quote" button and your Order will be adding to Your Shopping Cart - so you can always come back to this Order, make changes and send it to us later,


If you would like to Delete the Order just click the "Clear basket" button,



After clicking the ''Proceed to final approval'' button you will be forwarded to the next and final step.

Step 6 of 6       Confirm Your Order


Here you can see a summary of your Order along with the prices for the goods, decoration, transport as well as your address information for order, billing and invoice delivery.


You can still modify your Order, click the "Back" button to add more products to this Order, 


When you are ready to finalize your Order click the "Send Order" button,



After transmitting your order, you will receive an immediate online Order Confirmation, please print this for your records,


Please note: your Order is subject to approval by our sales department and subject to credit approval and stock availability confirmation. You will receive a written confirmation of approximate delivery date within 24 hours.


►  See the status of all your Orders by clicking on the link "My orders''.


And there you have it!  In just a few minutes, you can generate your own Price Quotes of decorated garments and accessories.


Thank you for choosing to purchase our products online. We are constantly striving to make your shopping experience more convenient and enjoyable. If you have any questions, feedback, or comments please contact our Export Team by email at or by phone +48 (12) 293 8000.


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