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If you want to see something really amazing, take a close look at Lynka's printing or embroidery. There are only a handful of companies in the world who can reproduce a full colour image on textiles anywhere nearly as well as Lynka.


That fact can help you win new clients. If you want to WOW your prospective client then show him one of Lynka's award winning prints and the order is as good as yours. Lynka decoration turns ordinary promotional apparel into a work of art.


What is the key to our quality printing? It's not just one thing. It's made up of many small details - from the machines, to the inks, to our graphic color separation, squeegees and of course, our experienced team of printers.


Lynka has been featured in many promotional industry publications as one of the leading decorators in Europe.




"LYNKA is the one of the premier apparel-decorating and promotional product facilities in all of Europe -     in fact, let us make that all the world."


                                     Printwear Magazine, USA



Lynka chosen as "Official Embroidery Vendor" for Nike


LYNKA is proud to have been selected by NIKE as its Official Apparel Vendor for 2012, as well as Authorized Distributor of NIKE products to the Corporate sector.


LYNKA is the only Polish apparel company to have met Nike's strict quality, employee safety and environmental compliance requirements, thereby enabling it to be named Official Apparel Vendor. Click here to find out more.


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