Special Embroidery Techniques

Making an effort to meeting our customers’ growing needs and following new trends on the textile decoration market, we broaden our offer with over a dozen of innovative embroidery techniques using various types of threads. We propose a high quality of embroidery due to our Japanese Tajima machines, specialist embroidery threads and more than 20 years of our experience in the industry.


Think about decorating polo shirts, jackets, bags, and caps differently. Take a look at these techniques and decide which will make your logo/design stand out the best. Hopefully our suggestions will inspire you giving you a fresh creative outlook on embroidery.


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Openwork Embroidery

Embroidery with a Foil Fill

Light with transparent areas this technique is great for filling large areas with an interesting graphic effect. We recommend using a contrasting thread to the garment.


A decorative technique of adding foil, available in dozens of colors to your design. We recommend keeping the background and outline the same color.


Metallic Threads

Neon Threads

Shiny metallic threads in a variety of colors can add a richness to any design.


Bright Day-glow colors available in a range of colors. Great highlighting part or all of your design. Especially suited for safety situations and work clothing where high-visibility is a must.


Glow in the Dark Threads

Shaded Threads

Special impregnated thread which when exposed to light will cast a green glow in the dark. Great for parties in discos and nightclubs.


Threads containing a single color with different tonal (light and dark) values within a spool. This creates an interesting tonal transition within a design.


Complex Fill Embroidery

3D Embroidery

Dozens of stitch patterns are available to give your fills a unique texture.


Also known as Puff embroidery - adds an interesting, more fashionable effect to your design. Stitches on different levels create a rich 3D effect.


Top Stitch

Multi-Colored Threads

An innovative style of embroidery using a small number of stitches. Perfect for creating „light” lettering on textiles. A nice alternative for large format embroidery.


Similar to „shaded threads”, this technique uses a single spool of thread containing multiple colors which creates a unique visual effect.


Embroidery + Appliqué

Mixed Threads

A combination of several different decoration methods to give your designs interesting and unique effects.

This technique creates a unique effect by mixing different single color threads within a fill. Mix different colors and different tones, the possibilities are unlimited.


You can also check out our Special Printing Techniques


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