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A Guide for European Promotional Products Companies
It's already October, and either you're getting ready to do your 2006 budget, or you are already well under way.
Superior customer service is the secret to repeat business. If your customers are happy with the service they receive after the order is signed, they will keep coming back for more.
Why is it when you check-in to a five-star hotel, you feel so damn good? Like they really care. They genuinely seem delighted you are there, and more importantly, they want you to come back.
Before Poland's accession to the EU, we wrote an article about what your company can do to prepare itself for this great opportunity.
What is the secret to guarantee repeat business? The truth is, it's not a secret at all, it is superior customer service.
Last month, while reviewing a list of new clients by our sales reps, we noticed a few companies that we thought were regular clients.
Today we launched our new customer relationship management (CRM) system, designed right here in Poland.
There are lots of sources for leads and new business.
When was the last time you fired a sales rep? Every time you fire a sales rep, it means your recruitment or training program has failed, and you must understand why.
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